First off, to see a list of all the feats and charities, take a look at the feats page.

As for which feat I am most worried about, it is definitely the marathon. I’ve done a marathon before, 12 years ago, and I did not enjoy it. I trained for 4 months, with my first run being a grueling 2km, and my final marathon time of sub 4 hours at a pace faster than my first 2km run. Despite a seemingly good outcome, it was simply not enjoyable for me. Firstly, I have bad knees. Everybody is my family has bad knees. As such, my knees were in excruciating pain during my training. I would wake up in sweats from the pain in my knee. I had to go to physio every week and receive ultrasound treatments. I wasn’t even able to train on road and instead had to be on a track for a month to help my knees recover (which by the way, running 10+ km on a track is incredibly boring). Even as I finished my training, it wasn’t on road but instead on gravel. Come the marathon, after just 10km my knees were absolutely killing me. When I hit the half marathon point, I seriously considered giving up.

Needless to say, this marathon really worries me because I know how difficult it was last time, and I am over a decade older now.

What REALLY makes me worried though is that I will not be able to dedicate my training to it. I am going to have so many other things to train for as part of this 12beCAUSE initiative, so finding the significant amount of time required to train for this will be challenging. The compound matters, I have scheduled an Olympic Triathlon the month before (3 weeks before actually). My risk of injury is high here and my fear of not accomplishing my goal is significant.

As such, I could really use your donations as a way to help motivate me. I would really appreciate it.