Status: Complete – October 23

Marathon during the Terry Fox run (Terry Fox Foundation)


Why this charity and why this feat?

Why the charity?

There may not be a more inspiring Canadian story than the story of Terry Fox. Even just thinking about him gives me goosebumps. He was humble, determined, inspiring, and stressed that the secret to his success was mental toughness. 

In June 2021, it will be 40 years since he died but since then, foundation has raised over $800 million in his name. Now more than ever, with cancer now being the leading cause of death in Canada, it is important to support Terry. 

There really isn’t much more I need to say other than I want to help fulfill Terry’s dream of curing cancer. 


Why the feat?

Obviously because every year there is the Terry Fox Run, which is meant to represent his Marathon of Hope. Well, I’m going to do a marathon for the Terry Fox Run this year. 

I’ll be honest, this absolutely terrifies me. I ran a marathon in 2010 and it was absolutely grueling. My knees could barely handle it and have never been the same since. But this just motivates me more. 11 years after my first marathon, I will complete my second. 



October 23, 2021. 




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