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Continuously spend 4 hours underwater in support of WWF


Why this charity and why this feat?

Why the charity?

We’ve heard of the harm greenhouse gases cause by elevating temperatures and how they also lead to unhealthy air to breath. At this point, I think we are pretty well aware that species are going extinct at an alarming rate and many experts believe we are in the midst of a mass extinction period, called the Holocene extinction. Just to show how serious this really is: every hour, 3 species go extinct. However, one thing we don’t really hear too much about is the impact on the oceans. The ocean regulates our climate, produces half the oxygen we breathe, and fuels the water cycle that produces rain and freshwater. And when it comes to greenhouse gases, the ocean actually absorbs 1/4 of all the CO2 we create. As such, if it wasn’t for the ocean, we would be in even deeper trouble. That being said, the ocean is reaching a tipping point. Because of all the CO2, the oceans are becoming very acidic. An acidic ocean means crustaceans have a harder time growing their shells, and corals are damaged. The impact here is two fold: 1, it disrupts the food chain and 2. the damaged and decrease number of corals results in higher sea levels. In summary, now that we are starting to really damage the ocean, our weather and food will become increasingly unpredictable. The WWF has an entire branch dedicated to the oceans, which is why I am a big supporter of this charity.

There may not be a more important cause than protecting our oceans.  

Why the feat?

Scuba diving is one of my deepest passions. I got certified when I was 15, and became a professional scuba diver at the age of 18. Moreover, I have always had a fascination with the water, particularly the ocean. There is nothing more freeing than swimming not just in water, but rather underwater. Unfortunately, I am legitimately worried that as I *hopefully* get older, the ocean may not be the ocean I have explored while diving. Corals will die, species will disappear. The currents will get stronger, and the temperatures more erratic. 

I therefore thought it would be fitting to do something involving underwater for a charity that, among many, focuses on protecting the oceans. Although I would love to do this in the ocean, unfortunately the ocean nearby is too cold to stay underwater for such a long duration. As such, I will be doing this in a pool in order to control my body temperature. I will drink water bottles underwater, and even change my tanks underwater as needed to achieve my goal of staying underwater for 4 continuous hours. Will I be bored? Yes, for sure. But it will also be the perfect way to reflect on the past, and prepare my thoughts for the future.  


This will be weather dependent in July – will need the warmest day possible to ensure water is adequately warm. 




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