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2 night winter camping in support of Youth Service Bureau


Why this charity and why this feat?

Why the charity?

The Youth Services Bureau (YSB) helps thousands of young people address what threatens their physical, sexual, mental, and social well-being. They offer youth programming in five main service areas across multiple locations throughout Ottawa. The services are housing services, health services, youth justice services, and youth engagement. Every month, more than 2,500 youth and families rely on the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa to help them deal with the difficult issues they face — issues like poverty, abuse, family violence, depression, addiction and homelessness.

More than 1,000 young people will spend the coldest, darkest, and harshest months of the year with no place to call home. As mentioned, part of YSB’s programming is to provide shelters. The work they do directly makes this great city even stronger. 

One thing I love about the charity is that it is extremely efficient 90.5% of the budget goes towards program delivery with less than 10% being used on administration. 


Why the feat?

I will be staying outside for 2 nights, including the day in between. Every year (except this past year), people camp out on the field of Lansdowne Park in support of this charity. The event itself is just 1 night but I wanted to do more. 

You know the saying, “put yourself in their shoes”, well, that’s what I am doing here, just in a smaller dose. Ottawa has a particularly high homelessness rate and also happens to have very cold winters. As such, camping out for 2 nights will give me a little more understanding and empathy for what people go through. 


November 26-28, 2021




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